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Trail Trash Bag


Trash on the trail getting you down?
Does putting some litterbug’s trash in your bike/hike bag gross you TF out?!

I got you.
Introducing the Nada Race Trail Trash Bag!
Now there is a dedicated solution that attaches almost anywhere to almost anything via the nylon strap on the back and velcro strap provided.

There are pull cords on top and bottom so you can just roll right up to a can and dump it like a truck!

Throw it in your pocket, your bag or your pouch.
Strap it to your handlebar, your frame, your pack, your helmet, your belt, your Crocs!
Throw a carabiner on it and…(mind blown gesture)
You get the picture!

Outer: Xpac
Lining: Waterproof Cordura nylon
Cinch pouch: Waterproof Rip-stop nylonp

(Sorry for the bad pics, better ones coming soon)

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